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Calvary Church Loveland serves as an enriching environment where individuals can truly experience the transformative power of embracing a life that surpasses mere existence. It offers a nurturing community that fosters personal growth and empowers people to embrace the abundant life that Jesus vowed to provide.

Within this loving space, individuals are encouraged to transcend the ordinary and overcome life's challenges, enabling them to embark on a journey of recovery, fulfillment and prosperity.

Holy Spirit filled worship, Bible rooted messages, and sincere love for people creates the atmosphere of freedom in our church. Come as you are, as there is no judgment here. Our sincere goal is to help hurting  people find the healing, recovery, and love they truly need.

And who better to help them? Those of us that bear the scars of life.
After all, isn't the church really a spiritual & emotional hospital?
Isn't that who Jesus came to save?

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